A community of athletes and dedicated coaches focused on personalized success in triathlon and endurance sports.







The BAM Endurance Club is a Utah-based community for athletes of all levels who support each other through group training and racing. 







BAM coaching delivers a customized training experience for triathletes of all levels. BAM coaches create balanced training plans that meet the needs and lives of each individual athlete.

BAM offers a fun team environment and coaching for committed youth & junior athletes to help them develop skills and build confidence in the sport of triathlon. 


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We are the passionate athletes who never let go of desire. We are dedicated coaches who empower our athletes to achieve their potential through a balance of smart training and hard effort. We are a community of triathletes, weekend warriors, endurance junkies, Olympians and professionals, who inspire each other as athletes and friends. 


BAM Adaptive

Inspiring adaptive athletes to reach their full potential.


Connect with us : @balancedartmultisport