Join us next year!

Each winter, and in conjunction with Bike Month in the USAT National Club Challenge, we invite everyone to BAM HQ for 3 weekends of cycling time trials: 10Km, 20Km and 40Km distances. Come give it your best, and see how your winter training is paying off!

All you need is a bike. Check back for dates and times to reserve one of our Computrainers or Kickrs for each session when we're back on in 2019! In the mean time, join us for a regular weekend ride.

Registration closes at 11:30pm the night before so we can properly set up for each session.

2017-02-25 11.53.40.jpg

Weekend Three: 40K

Wednesday, JaN 24th - Saturday, Jan 27

DSC_6977 300.jpg

Weekend Two: 20K + Bike Clinic

Wednesday, Jan 17 - Saturday, Jan 20

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Weekend One: 10K

Wednesday, Jan 10 - Saturday, Jan 13