Come work with our NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, Andrew Stasinos, to correct imbalances, speed up responsiveness and develop strength necessary to perform well in swimming, biking, running and triathlon.

Classes are capped at 6 people, allowing personal attention and careful observation of your form.



Option 1: Start a BAM Membership

$195/m Standard, $115/m Preferred

Join and get:
Power Program weekdays ($200/m)
Power Program weekends ($100/m)
Power Program recordings ($30/m)
Power Program workout files ($30/m)
Bike course simulation events ($25/event)
Track Tuesday written workouts ($20/m)
Strength Classes + written workouts ($40/m)
Winter/Summer Swim Series + written workouts ($40/m)
Camp discounts (30% off)
Discounts at Precision Bike Fit
Discounts at The Bike Shed

Adult BAM Memberships are not yet open for enrollment. Check back soon.


Option 2: Strength à la carte (monthly subscription)

Enroll and RSVP for any classes all month long.

Option 3: Buy an 8-Pack

After purchasing, you’ll receive a unique code to redeem for any 8 classes.


Option 4: Book an individual class

Use the calendar below to book and pay for an individual class.


Schedule + Bookings

Limit: 6 people per class