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Science-Backed, Power-Zone Interval Training to Develop Strength & Endurance

Designed by World-Renowned Cycling Coach and Sports MEdicine PhysIcian, Dr. Max Testa

Since 2012, we’ve offered a cycling training service that is cutting edge, informative and relevant. Whether you are training solely to stay in shape for a social group ride, participate in a granfondo, compete in a triathlon or move up in category racing, we attempt to make our workouts progressive and time effective.

Given the medical and professional cycling background of our program’s chief designer, Max Testa, the BAM Power Program incorporates effective, scientific training modalities used by top athletes. Although our goal is not to make a professional of everyone, we get great satisfaction in offering a parallel training course that fits the needs and goals of our participants.

Our Power Program uses a scientific approach to assist athletes with their training goals. Participants can enjoy a tailor-made training program based on their individual fitness profile. Using your own bike and an instrument for measuring power, exercise intensity is precisely prescribed whether you are triathlete training for an Ironman, or a novice rider wanting to stay in shape.

Our program includes 3 big phases of training throughout the year, with smaller blocks making up each phase. Throughout the year, we hold classes two or three times a week. During each class, an instructor guides the participants through a training program, the “set,” based on 5 power ranges. Each participant will train on their personal bike which is hooked up to a Kickr or Computrainer, and refer to their individual power zone recommendations retrieved from their individual fitness profile.


Our Power Program works for:


All Ages


All Levels

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Pro

All Formats

Track - Road - Triathlon - Trail - Mountain - Cross - Etc.

All Distances

Crit, Fondo, Sprint, Olympic, Ironman, Etc.


Results BY Science


Cultivate four aspects of your health:



Climb, sprint and pass with confidence.



Push steadily from start to finish.


Aerobic Fitness

Produce speed under stress and fatigue.


Ability to Recover

Recycle lactate faster and more efficiently.


As you train, you will see growth and improvements in your ability to create power (measured as watts) and to sustain that level of work for longer periods of time (often cited as ‘FTP,’ the maximum power you can sustain steadily for an hour).

Baseline and periodic assessments will indicate how your fitness is changing over time. You will learn about measures commonly used to assess one’s fitness, such as FTP (Functional Threshold of Power), LT1 (Lactate Threshold 1) and LT2 (Lactate Threshold 2), and the 5 power zones, around which our class intervals are structured.


Our Expert Designers

40+ Years Combined Experience

1,000s of Hours: Developing a Training Method that has Produced World Champs and Gold Medalists

100s of Clients: Amateurs, Aspiring Elites & Pros Coached to Countless Personal Successes

Screenshot 2018-09-17 18.23.02.png

Max Testa 

  • Sports Medicine Physician & Team Doctor

  • Founder, Max Testa Training

  • Chief Medical Director, BMC Cycling Team

Dr. Massimo “Max” Testa has worked with professional cycling teams since 1986, including 7-Eleven, Motorola, MG TechnoGym and Mapei. He has supported teams and been the team doctor for +30 grand tours. As a coach, he has personally worked with Cadel Evans, 2011 Tour de France winner and 2009 World champion; Greg Van Avermaet, 2016 Olympic gold medalist, 2015 Tour de France stage 13 victory 2015, 3rd place finisher Paris-Roubaix and Tour of Flanders; Levi Leipheimer, 2011 winner of the Tour of Switzerland, Tour of Utah and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge; Paolo Bettini, Italian 2004 Olympic gold medalist; among others. He resides in Park City and practices medicine with Intermountain Healthcare.

More about Max.


Wes Johnson

  • USAT Level II Triathlon Coach

  • Founder, Balanced Art Multisport

  • US Paralympic + USAT Youth & Junior Coach

Wesley “Wes” Johnson got into cycling and triathlon after a D1 college career swimming distance at the University of Utah. While an undergrad, he met Dr. Testa who took him under his wing and began mentoring Wes in the art and science of endurance coaching.

Wes has been a full-time triathlon coach for 8 years and has coached several podium-level professional athletes, Paralympic medalists, nationally ranked junior elite athletes, and also several age groupers who have earned World Championship qualifications in IRONMAN, IRONMAN 70.3, Olympic, Sprint and other race formats. Additionally, Wes’ summer camps for youth have introduced hundreds of young people to endurance sports. Wes started Balanced Art Multisport, building a coaching business that has changed countless lives for all levels of the sport from beginner to professional.

More about Wes.


A comprehensive, Individual + Annualized approach

Structured Training Phases for the Entire Year


Base + Build

November - March

The winter months are prime time to lay down a base of fitness upon which a successful season can be built. This phase is broken into three 6-week blocks of:

  • Two 90-minute classes on weekdays (MW 5:30a, 9:30a and 4:30p; TTh 5:30a and 6p)

  • One 90+ minute class on weekends, progressively longer through the phase (times vary)

  • Special classes during weeks with major US holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)


Tune + Transition

April - May

As our athletes count down to race day or compete in early-season events, classes focus on very event- and race-specific efforts to tune up and dial in for the big day. Additionally, warmer weather means riding outside, so class structures shift to support the transition to outdoor riding.

This phase comprises one 8-week block of:

  • Two 90-minute classes on weekdays

  • One 90+ minute class on weekends, duration dependent on your target race format

  • Weekend class adaptable to riding outside


Maintain, Race + Recover

June - October

Riding outside is important because that’s where events and races happen, and nothing replaces training in race-day conditions. However, we don’t recommend cutting indoor sessions completely once the sun comes out. There is still a critical place in the summer/event/racing phase for time on the trainer. Without the distractions and interruptions of riding on the road (e.g. traffic, lights, road conditions, changing terrain), it’s much easier to get in quality intervals. For that reason, the Power Program includes this block with classes all summer so you can maintain the power edge you worked all winter to obtain.

This phase of about 22 weeks is the is the most flexible, and your exact blocks of race-prep, race week and recovery can be fluid within it. As each person’s event schedule varies, instructors offer suggestions on how you can adapt classes for whether you are approaching or coming down from an event. Especially during this phase, be sure to ask questions during live sessions to get what you need. And if you are viewing recorded sessions, feel free to contact us.

The Maintain, Race + Recover phase offers:

  • One 90-minute class on weekdays

  • One 90+ minute class on weekends, adaptable to riding outside


Flexible, Adaptable, Complete

A summary of what’s included:


Facility Access

Attend classes in-person and enjoy on-site shower, lockers, 3 bathrooms, treadmills (including a state-of-the-art Woodway), strength equipment and the camaraderie of the BAMFAM.

Also available at BAM HQ (Inquire for pricing): bike storage, personal strength training, AlterG (an “adjustable gravity” treadmill ideal for coming back from injury), bike service & sales from The Bike Shed, bike fits from Precision Bike Fit.

Multiple Classes

90+ minute training sessions on the bike. Various days and times. The schedule for each block will be released 4-6 weeks prior to the block.

Qualified Instruction

Friendly and experienced instructors, credentialed from many governing bodies of sport. Each has experience working with a variety of athletes by age, background, event-format interest and level of competition.

Year-Round Curriculum

Stay sharp, reach your goals and achieve your best with year-round support.

Complementary Strength Plans

All BAM Power Program participants receive strength plans each week. These plans — written by our NSCA Certified Personal Trainer — complement work done on the bike, bolstering stability and helping to correct imbalances and weaknesses that may hold you back from your best or lead to injury down the road. We believe any cycling program worth its salt will include a strength regimen that complements time in the saddle.

Attend Live, in the BAM HQ Studio

Attend live in the studio at BAM HQ in Sandy, UT. The schedule for each block will be posted 4-6 weeks ahead of time.

Attend Live Virtually, by Video Stream - NEW

Can’t make it to the studio? No problem. Join select classes LIVE through our private video stream for Power Program participants. See the instructor, see the studio, see the workout — all from your desktop or mobile device — AND interact live through the chat or (optionally) your own web cam.

View Recorded Sessions on Your Own Time - NEW

Can’t make it to the studio or during a live broadcast? We’ve got you covered. Recorded classes will be posted within a few hours and available for playback online inside the BAM Power Program online portal.

Files of the Sessions to Use with TrainerRoad, Zwift, etc. - NEW

While our priority suggestion is for you to attend classes live, follow along with the instructor and benefit from the energy of a group, we understand this isn’t always possible. To make the most of your training on your own, you can (besides watching recorded sessions) download the workout in formats compatible with major training services such as TrainerRoad and Zwift.

Access All Your Resources in BAM Power Program Online Portal - NEW

Upon registering, you will get access to the BAM Power Program online portal. With your individual login and account, you may view upcoming classes, reserve Kickrs and Computrainers for live in-studio sessions, access virtual live streams, watch available recordings, view strength plans and download files of classes to use with programs like TrainerRoad and Zwift. The online portal works with desktops, tablets and mobile devices, and can be accessed through an iOS app.


 Is this really for everyone?

Come join us! All are welcome. All have benefitted — beginners to pros.


1. Sign up. Registration is open

Monthly and annual plans available.

Premium pricing available for BAM coaching clients and members of Intermountain Tri and BAM Endurance, with further discounts for couples.


2. Get on the schedule.

4-6 weeks before the start of each block, class schedules will be posted. No need to RSVP if joining virtually. Studio space is limited and offered on a FCFS basis, managed inside the Power Program Online Portal.

BASE + BUILD (Nov 2018 - Mar 2019)

Mon/Wed: 5:30-7a | 9:30-11a | 4:30-6p

Tue/Thu: 5:30-7a | 6-7:30p

Sat: varies - typically one class starts 530/6a for 90 min and gets progressively longer through the winter, and a second class starts around between 830-10a

TUNE + TRANSITION (Apr - May 2019)

TBA mid-late Feb


TBA mid-late Apr


3. Show up.

See you in class!


Yup, everyone.


From Marc Harrison, MD:

“I have enjoyed marked improvement in my cycling secondary to the organized and physiologically based indoor training program prescribed for me in the BAM Power Program.

“I find that I am stronger, have better endurance and have a better understanding of my personal capability. I love the fact that my training zones are based on my own personal capabilities. I can’t wait to see what I can do next year!”


From Tiffany Barnes:

“I joined the Power Program as a beginner cyclist 4 years ago. Since joining, my strength and progress as an athlete have skyrocketed. My watts have improved every year significantly as well.

“The program has really helped me hit the road even stronger than before in the spring. I owe it all to the BAM coaches and classes offered! Don’t hesitate! Sign up now! It’s a game changer!”


From Larry Peterson:

“A shout-out for the cycling classes at BAM. I participated in the very first class in 2011 and have only missed one or two since then. The coaches and staff are knowledgeable and fun and the facilities are great. The classes are the only way to maintain riding condition year round. They get 5 stars!”


From our Facebook Group:


From the #bamtrifam on Instagram:


From Tyler Howland’s UtahTriBuzz Kona Profile:

"I did the Power Program as part of my first full year of consistent training. Right before Boulder 70.3, I decided to take a second lactate threshold test, and my levels had jumped by over 30%. I still have a long way to go to be considered a good cyclist, still probably another 30%. But honestly, next to my wife, my biggest cheerleaders have been the coaches at BAM."



Monthly and annual plans include 3 live classes per week and unlimited access to online content.


Pay Monthly

Pay Annually and Save 20%!!



Individual Standard



$1,440 billed annually


Individual Preferred - for BAM Coaching Clients, Members of BAM Endurance + Intermountain Tri



$900 billed annually



BAM Endurance, IMLWT members and coaching clients only.

Join BAM Endurance. Join IMLWT. Inquire about coaching.




$1,632 billed annually ($816/person)



Trial + Starter Options


Trial Pass: Single Session


Starter PaCk: 3 Sessions + 1 Strength Plan




Wahoo KICKR Rentals + Sales


The Wahoo KICKR is a smart trainer that provides an outdoor riding experience indoors. With the accompanying Wahoo app, you can adjust resistance from your phone. It’s an excellent choice* for participating in the BAM Power Program remotely. More product info.


Rent - 6 months for $300.

Purchase - Contact us for pricing.


*Having a KICKR is NOT required to participate. All you need is a bike, any stationary trainer with resistance and an internet connection. We recommend the Wahoo KICKR as it is the latest and greatest, but—really—you can use any stationary trainer. If your trainer resistance is controlled manually by you getting off the bike to turn a dial, then you’ll need a HRM or power meter to guide you through shifting gears to get you into the right zone.


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