Welcome to BAM!

We are pleased to ENTER ANOTHER YEAR helping youth develop sport and life skills THROUGH swimming, biking, running and triathlon.

New for this year: We are offering a Winter/Spring program to prepare youth for summer and to compliment training they may be doing in other sports during these months.

We offer classes 4:00-6:15p on Tuesdays and Thursdays, February thru May. Each week, classes will be a little different. We will rotate youth around time on indoor bike trainers, riding on rollers, treadmill/running, strength + balance conditioning, nutrition and mental skills development.

Week after week, classes build on each other to help all participants:

  • Build a base of aerobic fitness

  • Increase strength for more powerful and sustained speed

  • Develop technique for greater efficiency and confidence

Don’t wait for the sun to shine!

Have your youth train with us winter and spring, ready to jump right into summer.

- Wes Johnson, BAM



CLASSES: Tuesdays + Thursdays 4:00-6:15pm

PROGRAM BEGINS: Tuesday, Feb 5

PROGRAM ENDS: Thursday, May 30

No classes Mar 19 or 21 during BAM Camp #2



  • Individual Class - $15

  • All-Season Pass - 2x/week (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 32 classes total) - $330



Step 1 (Optional): Buy a pass

Individual classes are under Schedule + Bookings (Step 2) below. The following section is getting an All-Season pass. To get a pass, press “Add to Cart.” After paying, we will handle the rest.

You will receive a code, but you do not need to apply your code to all classes to reserve a space. We will do that for you.


Schedule + Bookings

Step 2: View and book individual classes

*This step is required when purchasing individual classes. We have limited space in the studio and once classes are full, they will be grayed our no longer show in the list below.

This step is NOT required for the All-Season Pass. We will book your spot for you.

Classes are led by certified youth coaches and include rotations through:

  • Power-zone training on stationary bike trainers

  • Bike handling skills development on rollers

  • Running on treadmills and outdoors

  • Strength + balance conditioning

  • Nutrition

  • Mental skills