Welcome to BAM!

Starting November 2018, We are pleased to expand our highly successful indoor bike training program to include after school sessions for youth.

We offer classes 4:00-6:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, November thru March. The first 90 minutes is a structured workout on the bike, designed by professional cycling coaches with experience training youth. Week after week, classes build on each other to help all participants:

  • Build a base of aerobic fitness

  • Increase strength for more powerful hill climbs and speed

  • Develop pedaling technique for greater efficiency

During the last 30 minutes of each class, we’ll rotate through a strength training session, emphasizing body-weight resistance and balance-enhancing exercises to strengthen muscles throughout the body and increase coordination, as well as lessons in sports psychology, nutrition, bike repair and maintenance.

Don’t wait for the snow to melt and trails to thaw!

Have your youth ride with us all winter and take the spring season by storm.

See you soon!

- Wes Johnson, BAM

P.S. If you have pre-high school youth who are interested, we’d prefer to talk before you enroll them to ensure they will have a good experience. Please contact us.


About Classes


LOCATION: Classes take place at the Balanced Art Multisport Headquarters just off I-15 at 9000 S in Sandy, UT. We are one building north of the Harley Davidson store, in the western-most unit. The address is:

489 Parkland Drive Sandy, UT 84070 (directions)

AMENITIES: We have 2 half bathrooms and 1 full bathroom with a shower. We have multiple drinking fountains, including a rapid water-bottle filling station, and we provide towel service. We recently renovated the upstairs cycling studio with backpack/bag hooks and storage space. We have several treadmills and strength training equipment as well. Additionally, BAM HQ is home to The Bike Shed and Precision Bike Fit, a retailer/repair shop and a top-of-the-line bike fitting service. Once signed up for the program, you are eligible for discounts on their services. Feel free to ask for details.


EQUIPMENT - BIKE: Bring your own bike! This is not a “spin studio” with youth-sized spin bikes. Our studio is equipped with Wahoo KICKRs, which are stationary resistance trainers used by removing the rear wheel and hooking the frame into the KICKR’s mount and cassette. Electronically controlled magnets adjust the amount of resistance required to spin the cassette, giving you an outdoor-ride experience indoors … on your own bike. KICKRs fit wheels 24-29” (road and mountain widths), skewer axles and thru-axles (boosted and non-boosted).

EQUIPMENT - OTHER: No other equipment is required! We recommend riding with the shoes you normally wear when riding outside. We also recommend padded cycling shorts/bibs.

NUTRITION: We have water fountains, but please bring your own water bottles! We also recommend having a sport drink or other source of fuel to consume during the workout. Our partner F2C Nutrition has great pre-, during- and post-workout products designed specifically for this type of exercise. They also test each batch as it comes off the line to ensure everything they ship is clean from USADA- and WADA-banned substances. Ask about our discount code to get 20% off.

HOW IT WORKS: Certified youth instructors lead each class. Each youth connects their bike to a stationary resistance trainer (e.g. the Wahoo KICKR), which is controlled by a central computer. Learning the set up at first may take some time, so be sure to arrive by 4:00p or even as early as 3:45p for your first few classes so there is ample time for us to help you and your youth learn proper set up for their bike on a KICKR. As the workout goes along, the computer turns resistance on each KICKR up or down, making it harder or easier to pedal. The up/down patterns create effort intervals, similar to runners gaining fitness by running sprints or 100,200,400m intervals on a track. These intervals simulate the challenges of riding up and down the trails and are designed to help athletes improve their aerobic fitness and overall strength on the bike. Because each athlete is different, the amount of resistance applied to each KICKR is different.

On your youth’s first day, we will do a fitness assessment to find out how much resistance is appropriate for them. With the results, we’ll create a profile for them in the computer program, which then makes adjustments to your youth’s KICKR as is appropriate based on their fitness. To see evidence of progress through the winter, we will repeat the assessment near the end of the program so they can see the change in their fitness. We offer every participant the FTP Test by 20-Min Max Effort. We offer two other methods of testing which you can read about here.

If you have attended spin classes at other gyms or fitness studios, you will find our program to be quite different. Spin classes are generally designed to maximize caloric burn during each class, and individual classes stand on their own rather than as part of a progressive series. Our program is a series of classes that work together to enhance sport performance.



  • Individual Class - $15

  • One-Month Pass - 1x/week (5-class punch pass*) - $55

  • One-Month Pass - 2x/week (9-class punch pass*) - $95

  • All-Season Pass - 1x/week (Tuesdays or Thursdays) - $190

  • All-Season Pass - 2x/week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) - $360



Step 1 (Optional): Buy a pass

Individual classes are under Schedule + Bookings (Step 2) below. The following section is for multi-class passes. To get a pass, review the available options and press “Add to Cart” to select the option that’s best for you. After paying for a multi-class pass, you will receive a redemption code.

All-Season Passes: you do NOT need to apply your redemption code to all classes to reserve a space. We will do that for you.

*One-Month Passes: you DO need to apply your redemption code to reserve space in each class your youth plans to attend. Available classes are shown in the next section down.


Schedule + Bookings

Step 2: View and book individual classes

*This step is required when purchasing individual classes and One-Month Passes. We have limited space in the studio and once classes are full, they will no longer show in the list below.

This step is NOT required for All-Season Passes. We will book your spot for you.

Classes are led by certified youth coaches and include:

  • 15-min period (4:00-4:15p) to arrive, set up your bike on a KICKR/CompuTrainer, ask questions and prepare to begin riding at 4:15p

  • 90-min bike workout (4:15-5:45p) with warmup, main set, technique and skill development and cooldown

  • 30-min development session (5:45-6:15p) with rotations through strength, balance, coordination, sports psychology, nutrition, bike repair and maintenance