Road to Rio

When I got into triathlon back in 2013, I was just a runner who could barely swim and bike.  After a few years of the CompuTrainer program, the bike has become one of my biggest strengths.  That didn't happen just because I was training hard - everyone trains hard - but because I was training the right way.  This program is definitely the right way.

Chris Hammer    |    4th place at 2016 Rio Paralympic Triathlon, Professional Triathlete & PhD in Exercise Phycology 

Aspiring Junior national champions

As parents of a competitive swimmer, we always enjoyed the occasional diversion from swim meets to a triathlon. Not only did we enjoy the change in scenery and environment but found that our son Kade thrived in it. In the various local events he would usually win his age division and we asked him if he would be interested in having a coach to work with him on maximizing his abilities. We searched out and interviewed a couple of coaches who were great and we were about to go with one of them when a friend made us aware of Wes Johnson (USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach). We met with Wes and he made us aware of a whole new world in the sport that we had no idea even existed. After signing up with Wes mid-way through the 2013 Season, Kade qualified for the Junior Elite National Championships. In 2014 Kade decided to switch to triathlon as his primary focus and Wes became a HUGE part of Kade’s life that extended way beyond coaching. Under Wes’ direction and with the help and encouragement of the group we affectionately refer to as “THE BAM FAM,” Kade competed in 15 events including Junior Elite Nationals, Age Group Nationals and Age Group Worlds. Beyond the competitive aspect, Kade has also learned the benefits of commitment, goal-setting, hard work and perseverance which will help him the rest of his life no matter what he does. Also need to give a shout out to Jen, Jeff, Dr. Tom, Keate, and Andrew. Forever BAM Believers! 

Kyle and Mindy Hunter    |   Parents to Kade - Junior Elite Age Group World Championship Participant 



Age Group World Championship Participant 

Triathlon has been my sport of choice for nearly 9 years now. Initially, it peaked my interest as a natural progression and change from collegiate rowing, but it quickly shifted into much more.

Long course triathlon felt like the right place for me: you get to go longer without the pressure to go fast... or so I thought at the time! The long training sessions also require a different sense of self -- in order to be successful you have to find comfort in the empty moments. I knew those empty, tough moments would be where I learned the most about myself and my potential.

I have been fortunate enough to be part of a few different triathlon groups across the country, including the Atlanta Triathlon Club, TriBella (out of Denver, CO) and now Balanced Art Multisport in beautiful Salt Lake City! Since joining BAM for my first computrainer class in February of 2015, my training has transformed! I got a little more serious about wanting to race faster and the resources and support from BAM were exactly what I needed. Fast forward two years. I'm now stronger and more grateful for the sport than ever before! A lot of that is attributed to the hours I've committed to training with BAM: from putting my faith in Andrew as my coach to winter season computrainer to summer season computrainer, this year has exceeded my expectations! The quality rides BAM computrainer classes provides are seriously unparalleled and have given me real confidence on group rides and in my races.

I started 2016 wanting to focus on the 70.3 distance to gain speed and I ended it by racing on the world stage at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Sunshine Coast, Australia!

Vanessa Foerster |   2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championship, 5x Ironman Finisher  

Consistency & Dedication Yield Gains 

 I was introduced to BAM by a triathlete friend who told me about off-season CompuTrainer classes that, as she said, would be much more fun than being alone in my basement on my trainer, and also be a much more structured individualized approach. I was sold. I’ve never had a so much fun doing such hard work on the bike, and the results speak for themselves.  Year-over-year, my power increased by ~16%. I’ve never seen that kind of progress in that amount of time. And I’ve definitely never had so much fun in off-season training. I highly recommend BAM’s Computrainer series for anyone, triathlete or pure cyclist alike.

Matthew Hemmert |   Cyclist turned Triathlete 


I have worked with Coach Wes and been a part of BAM for the last three years and can say without hesitation “BAM! – this program works!” Coach Wes works with athletes to help them see and reach their personal goals in a fun and challenging way. I have enjoyed my experience working with Coach Wes and being part of the BAM Fam. Personally, I have seen my times improve significantly in my swim, bike and run, which has allowed me to feel confident when I get to the starting line. Coach Wes helps you stay motivated and I love being part of the BAM Fam because everyone cheers for your success.

-Scott Hardy |   65+ marathoner, race director, 3 time Ironman and over 10 half Ironman races

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