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BAM Founder and Head Coach Wesley "Wes" Johnson officially organized Balanced Art Multisport in 2013. BAM's roots however date back to 2008 when Wes first started coaching with a unique philosophy and a dream. Balanced Art Multisport has grown exponentially since then, from one shared floor with a few Computrainers to a triathlon hub with a staff of world-class coaches, a two-floor building with a KICKR + Computrainer cycling studio, commercial-grade treadmills, in-house bike fitting, repair and maintenance, sports massage, bike storage, three bathrooms and a shower, and a partnership with a rapidly growing triathlon community.

Wes's coaching methods rapidly gained a reputation of success as his athletes took over the podiums on the local and regional triathlon scenes. The BAM Fam expanded to include multiple USAT coaches, certified personal trainers, an expert bike fitter, and a team bike mechanic. It wasn't long before BAM became a recognized name across America, and with a growing roster of athlete appearances on national, international and Olympic podiums. Balanced Art Multisport continues to grow, and our athletes continue to realize their dreams, finding success in their personal lives and wherever they go all over the world.

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